Is Google the best company in the world?

Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL/GOOG) or more informally known as Google is now the biggest, most powerful company in today’s market, on a market cap basis. As of this writing, it is sitting at a 537.05B market cap.
So why would I, a guy who focuses the majority of his time studying microcap stocks, be looking at Google? In short, I think that microcap investors can learn a lot by studying how GOOGL went from a Stanford Dorm room, to garage and finally to becoming the biggest company in the world.
My goal of this article is not to do the typical run of the numbers, straight valuation report on Google. I am sure it has been done plenty of times. Not only do I think there is an array or valuation reports on them already out there, but I don’t want to bore you, and more importantly, I would like to make this a fun read.
Overall, I would like to provide you, the reader, with a unique article on Google, hopefully, with information shed that you did not know before.
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