Outerwall is a compelling short

December 11, 2015 jil@feynmanresearch.com 0

Check out our latest report on Outerwall( OUTR): http://seekingalpha.com/article/3749976-outerwall-has-even-more-downside-than-most-bulls-think We are not able to provide the full research on this page, as it is prohibited by SeekingAlpha website policy.

Brief thoughts on Gilead Sciences(GILD)

November 12, 2015 jil@feynmanresearch.com 0

Gilead is a mega-cap biotech company, with strong cash flow generating ability, great balance sheet and an absurd low multiple compared to its peers- Gilead’s P/E is 11. To put […]

Volkswagen AG( VLKAY) scandal

November 11, 2015 jil@feynmanresearch.com 0

Volkswagen recently announced that is has been tampering with software to make its vehicles show lower emission tests on official tests that on the roads. U.S regulators have stated that […]

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